About Our Slime

The Ultimate Slime Test: Touch your slime and assess consistency (Sticky or Stiff)

NOTE** Slime may arrive stickier or stiffer depending on the time of year and conditions of transport. Below are easy solutions to whip your slime back into tip-top shape.

Slime Care Instructions


Helpful Hints for Sticky Slime

Begin by gradually adding small quantities (1 drop to start) of slime activator as needed (included in your package in a small vial) to the slime. It may take as little as one drop to turn sticky slime back to normal. Caution: Too much activator can make slime stiff. This applies to all types of slime!


Helpful Hints for Stiff Slime

For Opaque & Cloud Slimes gradually add small quantities (begin with one pump) of hand or body lotion (ie. Vaseline Intensive Care is preferred but most lotions elicit the same results) until desired texture is achieved. Caution: If too much lotion is added then it may make slime too sticky.

Tips for Opaque Slime

If there are beads in your Opaque slime, some may fall out. To fix this problem, you can add a couple of pumps of lotion to the slime. Or you can also try to place it in the microwave for 5 to 10-second increments until desired consistency is achieved.

Butter Slime is made with air dry clay, so please keep your Butter Slime in the container when it’s not being used, as it has a tendency to dry out.

**Never microwave Moofmallow! (Butter Slimes tend to separate with heat).

Tips for Cloud Slime

Cloud Slime is made by mixing Instant Snow (Super Absorbent Polymer) and slime. Note * Cloud Slimes may leave a little residue on your hands because of the Instant snow. If your slime turns hard, add some lotion until desired consistency is achieved. This should bring back the drizzling effect.

Remember: Slime does not live forever!


Don’t Forget: Mystic Moof Goop is not edible!!!

NOTE* The Slime Activator is Foaming Face wash.

The Benefits Of Slime

Playing with slime is an activity that positively stimulates the senses. Slime is currently a very popular product, which is open to endless interpretations from its makers. Slime is more than a fad or a trend: it’s something that can be found everywhere, because of the many levels of benefits it provides. In fact, healing of both body and mind has been attributed to slime. Interacting with slime is a multi-sensory activity that promotes relaxation by releasing stress and tension. Sensory activities allow us to explore the world through the five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Slime involves all of our five senses and has therapeutic qualities that allow for the building of new connections in the brain’s pathways, thereby, creating new and healthy grooves for people to get out of their mental ruts and bad habits.

Slime can alleviate physical ailments and help its users complete more complex learning tasks. Single-pointed concentration on activities that positively engage the senses – such as playing with slime – activate different perception areas in the brain and are known to help with:

    • Increasing concentration and focusing attention
    • Enhancing Memory
    • Developing or reactivating the senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell
    • Improving alertness and awareness
    • Improving coordination and fine and gross motor skills
    • Enhancing problem-solving skills
    • Supporting cognitive development
    • Improving creativity
    • Stimulating the sensory building blocks
    • Promoting mental and physical relaxation
    • Improving communication
    • Providing relief from pain

The benefits of sense-stimulating and enhancing activities, such as using slime, are very numerous. Drawn by its mystique and element of fun, people purchase slime and immediately find it highly interactive and full of benefits, so they incorporate it into their daily routines. They find slime has seemingly endless ways to calm and heal them.

Slime is positive sensory stimulation at its finest.
Grab some Slime. Tense, Release and Relax!
Watch the colours. Feel the textures. Hear the crunch sounds. Smell the fragrances.



We create our Goop

with lots of love and care



We create our Goop with lots of love and care
in very small batches, using no borax,
and non-toxic ingredients.


Each Goop is unique and individual like you are,
so be sure to enjoy it!